Madame Imperiatrix

Romana. 19. Relapsed Heretic. Only half dead. they/it.

Have a section title

And follow it up with as much text as you can write. Each of these section posts will expand to be however big you need it to be.

The sidebar to the left will be fixed in place; these sections sit in one long column - I've included a top link at the end of the section to make it easier to return to the start.

And that's pretty much it. Minimalist to the extreme, this style.


How do I make the anchors work?

Simple stuff - you see where I've written div class="section" id="name" in the HTML code? Change name to be the identity of your section (no spaces; you can either put two words together into one or separate them with a dash - e.g my-pets). Then, when you create the link, change the -disallowed_word- to go to #name (or whatever ID you chose). That's it, dead easy.

If you want your images to have a pretty border and be centered like this one, apply the class framed to your image. It will also be shrunk down to 300px wide, but you can override that with an inline-style if you prefer.